Does Weather Affect the Housing Market?

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School’s out, the weather’s warm, so you know what that means? Homeowners are more motivated to sell in the summer! Without the hassle of uprooting or disrupting a child’s schooling, some data suggest that homes move faster in warmer weather. This holds true in climates that are typically warm all year round–summer still affects the housing market. Here’s how.

Selling a Home
Children will also attend open houses and give parents their opinion on homes. They’ll have a lot to say about big bedrooms and spacious yards to play catch with dad. A pool is also a major plus. So, have cookies and other goodies ready for them to grab.

Crank up the air! Regardless of where you are in the United States, summer is summer, which means it’s hot! The last thing a potential homeowner wants is to walk into their potential new home only to find it warmer inside than outside. Set the air on a cool 65° and let everyone cool off.

Buying a Home
Homes usually come on the market after a major holiday. Memorial Day just passed, the Fourth of July is fast approaching, and Labor Day is around the corner. You typically will see very few homes come on the market the week before a holiday but see an influx the week after. Have you noticed anything this week? Keep an eye out for these gems.

Great weather draws even more home buyers. Be ready. In warmer months, homes aren’t staying on the market longer than 30 days. Have all your ducks in a row and be ready to make a solid offer.

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