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Employee Spotlight: Barbara Grimes

Barbara Grimes, our exceptional Closing Specialist, takes center stage in our November 2023 Employee Spotlight. At AdvantageFirst Lending, Barbara is a driving force behind ensuring that every mortgage process concludes smoothly and efficiently. Barbara possesses a unique talent for fostering strong connections with clients, understanding their financial needs, and facilitating seamless mortgage solutions. Her unwavering […]

Employee Spotlight: Micheal Moreno

Micheal Moreno, our Senior Mortgage Banker, possesses an innate ability to connect with clients, a skill that greatly contributes to his proficiency in finding the perfect mortgage solutions. His unwavering dedication to prioritizing clients’ needs ensures an exceptional customer experience. Micheal consistently exemplifies what sets AdvantageFirst Lending apart from numerous lenders. For these remarkable qualities […]

Employee Spotlight: Travis Fader

Travis Fader has a knack for understanding his clients, which helps him determine the best mortgage solution. He always puts the client’s needs, wants, and wishes first to provide the best customer experience possible. He knows thousands of lenders are out there and consistently shows borrowers why AdvantageFirst Lending is different. For these reasons and […]

Employee Spotlight: Kory Bennion

Kory Bennion is a natural at mortgage lending. His industry knowledge allows clients to feel confident in their home-buying ventures. Kory’s natural ability to understand a homeowner’s goals makes him a frequent recipient of five-star reviews. What’s more, he has shown time and time again that he is committed to creating an unforgettable experience resulting […]

Employee Spotlight: Joshua Dunn

One thing we know for sure is that Joshua Dunn is a natural at connecting with people. Since joining AdvantageFirst Lending, he has built long-lasting relationships with customers that exceed mortgage industry standards. His ability to understand needs and be helpful and relatable allows him to easily coach customers through one of the most significant […]