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Maria Sandoval

Maria Sandoval is a seasoned processor with a passion for family and a knack for balancing work and personal life. Amidst her professional commitments, she cherishes time at the baseball field with her youngest son and late-night conversations with her eldest when he returns home from college. Daily walks with her husband, accompanied by their […]

Shannon Epperson

“Shannon Epperson, a proficient junior processor, seamlessly blends her professional expertise with a genuine passion for creating meaningful connections with customers. Her dedication to both her career and family life has cultivated exceptional teamwork, communication, and empathy skills. In her personal life, Shannon loves to be outdoors with her family. She loves to spend her […]

Ashley Adams

Ashley is an accomplished processor, bringing over 20 years of experience and a reputation for precision and efficiency to her role. Her deep-seated expertise, coupled with a meticulous eye for detail, ensures she consistently delivers top-notch service in her field.    Ashley loves to spend her free time with her family. She keeps busy supporting […]

Jessica Martinez

Jessica is a seasoned professional with over three years of experience in the mortgage industry. With a focus on operations, Jessica has worked diligently to ensure seamless processing of loans and a positive customer experience for borrowers. Her attention to detail and ability to multitask has earned her the respect of colleagues and clients alike. […]

Tamara Torres

Tamara has been with AdvantageFirst Lending for nearly two years. As a Post Closer in the closing department, her primary goal is to deliver exceptional customer service to all borrowers and assist them in any way possible. She is incredibly thankful to be a part of the AFL team and couldn’t have wished for a […]