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The very essence of leadership is grounded in humble service. I am a firm believer that in order to efficiently guide someone to a place where they have finally achieved their financial goals it is crucial that you must be willing to walk alongside them with a servant's heart; eager to prioritize the needs of those you are leading above your own. This principle is true in life and it is true in business as well. It will always bear good fruit for those that trust in you. Hard work, determination and a desire to succeed are among the many attributes that Kory brings to the AdvantageFirst Lending team. These attributes and a passion for leadership enabled Kory to manage several retail stores at just 21 years old.

Since then, Kory has gone on to successfully manage two different retail districts, overseeing 14 locations and over 100 employees. He is licensed in both Mortgage Lending and Real Estate in the state of California and his knowledge of the mortgage industry should help his clients to feel confident in their home buying ventures. His ability to hone in on what a client truly desires and needs makes Kory the perfect person to work with. He has shown time and time again that he is committed to creating an unforgettable experience for his clients, which keep them coming back eagerly for assistance in the future. His genuine nature continually gives him the drive to go above and beyond what is expected of him, leaving those he works with completely satisfied. When he is out of the office, he is busy tag-teaming parenthood with his wonderful wife, Lauren as they raise their daughter, Madelyn. Kory also enjoys playing guitar and hanging with the guys. Kory truly puts his best foot forward every day and with his amazing background, he brings more than just an amazing experience for all AdvantageFirst Lending clients.